Vem Vadiar: Let’s Chill / Santai (24th, 25th & 26th April 2015)

Another workshop, another artform, another instructor. This time it’s from Monitor Fizi from Cordao De Ouro KL. Don’t miss his beautiful presentation and personality, and his deadly Contemporanea form. With about 12 years of experience in coaching and practise of Capoeira, he’s surely going to deliver an amazing experience.

For those who haven’t tried Capoeira, come and join our beginner’s Clinic where you can have a better idea of what Capoeira really is.

Only RM10 for kids and adults for the Capoeira Clinic on the 26th April 2015, Sunday.

Those who are up for some serious lesson may come and join our workshop. The workshop will be run in two days, Friday for a Capoeira Contemporanea workshop and Saturday for a Capoeira Angola workshop.

An entry fee of RM35 per day and RM50 for both days will be included for the workshop.

Click Image below to see full screen of poster.