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Mestre Indio’s First Visit to Malaysia!

  Mestre Indio is coming to Malaysia this June 15′ for a delightful experience of Capoeira. “The Associação de Capoeira Angola Dobrada was founded in 1992 in Kassel, Germany, through Mestre Rogerio and Mestre Índio. The aim is to cultivate, spread and maintain the art and rituals of Capoeira Angola in...

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Vem Vadiar: Let’s Chill / Santai (24th, 25th & 26th April 2015)

Another workshop, another artform, another instructor. This time it’s from Monitor Fizi from Cordao De Ouro KL. Don’t miss his beautiful presentation and personality, and his deadly Contemporanea form. With about 12 years of experience in coaching and practise of Capoeira, he’s surely going to deliver an amazing experience. For...

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