Mestra Janja and Capoeira Music

Mestra Janja who had been behind Nzinga Capoeira Angola album has a trademark way of singing – beautifully. Have a sneak peek on how a Capoeira Angola Bateria preserves itself through the needs of a modern demand.


The One Gym Roda Performance (January 15′)

We enjoyed a bucket of sweats performing for The One Gym, Miri. This is a recently open gym with a high class environment. Just before the Permyjaya Bridge in Pujut 7. You can either be a gym member or a Cafobo member to join our classes here every Sunday, 4-6 PM. Come join us! 🙂

Capoeira 101

What is Capoeira?

Music, Fitness, Performance, Strength, Agility, Flexibility,
Critical Thinking

Music sets tempo for the game that is going to be played within the roda. Singing often accompanies work within the roda, in call and answer format. And then, there is the dancing, which is really a martial arts style in and of itself. With both feet shoulder width apart, practitioners move one foot backwards and back in a rhythmic step. Capoeira premiums on kicks, sweeps and head strikes. From a defensive standpoint, evasive moves and rolls comprise most of the art’s teachings.

Capoeira Game

Games and competitions are held within the roda. It is not a style that emphasizes full body contact. Rather, when two practitioners square off, they oftentimes show moves without completing them. There is also a fair play aspect to the games, where if an opponent cannot evade a more simplified or slower attack, a faster more complex one will not be utilized.

Major Styles of Capoeira

Capoeira Angola: The most ancient form of Capoeira, steeped in tradition. It is generally practiced lower to the floor and more slowly than the other sub styles.

Capoeira Regional: This is the most common form of Capoeira. It is also generally the one the people speak of as emanating from Brazil.

Capoeira Contemporanea: A Hybrid sub style of Capoeira that is eclectic in nature, pulling from various other types.

Why Capoeira?

  • Social Engagement & Involvement Activity
  • Dance & Martial Arts Discipline
  • Personal & Communal Challenge
  • FUN FOR ALL AGEs & Individuals

///// Enjoy the awesome video of Jogo de Capoeira Angola by Mestre (or Master) Poncininho and Mestre Cobra Mansa and Toca. /////

Contra-Mestre Boneco and his students from MQFSM Brighton.