Mestre Indio (Angola Dobrada) Workshop

Check out this beautiful game of M.Cobrinha and M.Indio in Bologna, Italy!

Make sure you won’t miss this chance to experience Capoeira in Penang, 5-7 June 2015 and Miri, 13-15 June 2015.

Kindly contact us for more details and info:
Luciana at,
or Azik at

CAFOBO is excited to welcome Mestre Indio Gallo and familia to Miri today.

Join us tomorrow at:

Saturday, 9.30am till 4pm: Indoor Stadium
Sunday, 9.30am till late: Beach Republic
Monday, 9.30am till late: Gua Longhouse Bakam

Performance and games:
Saturday: 4PM onwards Permaisuri Mall
Sunday: 4PM onwards Beach Republic
Monday: 4PM onwards Beach Esplanade / Taman Selera

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