Semente De Capoeira Angola, Bali `17

Hey galera,

We’re back for another week-escape plan in Bali with Mestre Indio and Greenschool, Ubud. We have some ground updates on the volcanic activities of Mount Agung from Kyle, on-the-ground organizer, kindly refer to the posts below for more info. You are always welcome to communicate with any of us, if you have any questions or would like to have discussions of the on-goings in Bali.


There will be Capoeira Angola lessons and Essential Oil Workshops to savor. Get your tickets ready and we look forward to welcoming you here. ūüėČ


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Events details

Essential Oil workshop with Indio & Ana
24th-27th October 2017
Capoeira Angola Workshop with Mestre Indio

More details will be updated soon, stay tuned!

For place of stay, bookings will be available to rent over the week,

Just send a booking request to


Live Updates

Mount Agung Live Updates

Ola Angoleiros,

This is Kyle, the on-the-ground organizer in Bali. ¬†I am a Highschool Teacher at the Green School and have been living in Bali for the past 5 years. ¬†We are getting quite excited for our event and really hope that you will be able to join us, but are aware that there could be some concerns regarding your travel plans to the ‚ÄúRing of Fire‚ÄĚ. ¬†As we prepare for the workshops with Mestre Indio and his wife, we are considering all of the possible scenarios that could result if our, sacred island volcano, Mt Agung were to erupt. ¬†At Green School and at the local level, I have been involved with planning the procedures related to possible eruption. ¬†We are as informed and prepared as we can be given the unpredictable nature of a volcano. ¬†As you consider joining us here are some of the critical facts:

  1. Currently, according to volcanologist authorities,  Mt. Agung’s activity Level 4 РImminent. This is a strong indication that it will erupt, but is silly to try and predict when this will happen.
  2. We are in the safe zone and are in no danger of lava flow or projectile from the eruption.
  3. In the event of an eruption volcanic the ash could pose the biggest disruption, especially with regard to travel plans.  The prevailing winds are blowing to the northwest away from the airport and our location.

I have tuned into a couple of real-time trusted sources of information here:

Here is a nicely summarized and interesting study of Mt. Agung.  I found it to be more objectified than most of the media that is out there.

Lastly, here is a blog, from a longtime Ubudinan and friend of mine that is doing a good job of gathering info from a level headed perspective.

We hope this information is helpful during this historic time in Bali.  Feel free to contact me with any questions:

On-ground Updates

Ola Angoleiros,

We are counting down the days until Mestre Indio arrives!  Since my last update on Mount Agung there has been a slight increase the level of activity and within the last few days a water vapor plume has been observed.  However there has been no ash and still it is silly to try and predict if and when the eruption will take place.  As is the case here daily lives, we will proceed with our plans.  I will have masks available if needed.  

As you continue to make plans I want to give you some info and tips for staying in Bali:



  1. Green School at ‚ÄúThe Lodge‚ÄĚ. This is very simple living, but beautiful experience. ¬†There is a spring fed swim pool and will provide a quiet natural experience. ¬†Food options are very local, but there is a big local market and the lodge has a kitchen. ¬†Finally and most importantly it is walking distance to Green School. ¬†This is where Mestre Indio will be staying. ¬†I recommend staying here during the workshops. ¬†DO NOT TRY TO BOOK ONLINE. ¬†SEND INQUIRY TO to make your booking. ¬†
  2. Local House Rental.  If there are enough interested people this can be arranged.  Please email me directly at
  3. Ubud is about 30 minutes from Green School and there are vast options that start at $5 / Day.  Homestays are a simple and fun way of staying in Bali.  Also Airbnb is quite popular.   Nyuh Kuning is a great neighborhood to consider as it is walking distance to Ubud, yet easier access to Green School.
  4. Canggu is another popular place.  It is located on the beach and is also about 30 minutes from Green School.  Homestays and Airbnb are also available there.  


Public transportation in Bali is unreliable and not widely available and Green School is in a remote location.  I will help as best I can with my vehicle, but won’t be able to meet everyone needs.  And though distances are short travel is slow.  Please consider the following.


  1. Rent a motorbike.  This is the most common way of getting around in Bali.  This can be easily arranged for around $5 USD / Day.
  2. Rent a driver for a week.  This is around $150 -200 / Week.
  3. Rent a car for a week.  This starts at $15 / Day
  4. Taxi.  A one way trip to Green School from Ubud or Canggu is about $10.




  1. Packing list: mostly light clothes (but some heavier pieces for the evening), rain jacket (we are starting the rain season), water bottle, hat, sun screen, bug repellant, flip flops, and one pair of sturdy shoes.
  2. Sensible practices:
    1. Wash hands frequently
    2. Do not drink or brush teeth with water from the tap
    3. Avoid street food or restaurants that appear unhygienic
    4. Sleep with mosquito net


Again, feel free to contact me with any questions: