Capoeira Angola Encounters: Mestre Indio & Liz – Capoeira Angola meets Yoga, Pilates and Mysfacia Release.

Have you imagine how Capoeira Angola may benefit a person’s lifestyle?

It has the a journey of learning, almost similar to those of Pilates and Yoga. Shaping your body up, to achieve a positive strong mind and a healthy soul is part of the goal where everyone with the same interest work together to absorb the holistic approach of well-being or wellness.

Check out Liz (Ourbodyspace), a mysfacia release therapist, a yoga and Pilates instructor from KL, having a witty interest on the body of Mestre Indio (ACAD), a Capoeira Angola Master and an Angoleiro (a person who practises Capoeira Angola as a lifestyle) who had practise Capoeira Angola for more than 25 years around the world. And also how yoga and Pilates can help with the dynamic demands of Capoeira Angola.

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