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Mestre Indio Returns

Book your dates everyone! Mestre Indio is back for another Capoeira Angola workshop in Ubud, Bali coming 25th Р27th January 2019. Join us and savor learning the traditions of Capoeira Angola through his workshop. Schedules planned would be as followed: Kindly contact Kyle or Azik for more info here:

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Capoeira Angola as a discipline.

Disciplinary are generally highlighted through uniformity, the ‘seamless-ness’ of having a majority into having the same thoughts, the identical way of looking into an idea, and I’m sure you know how it works. Within martial-arts system of today, these disciplinary train of thoughts are benchmark through ‘forms’ and ‘effectiveness’, measured...

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Capoeira Angola Encounters: Mestre Indio & Liz – Capoeira Angola meets Yoga, Pilates and Mysfacia Release.

Have you imagine how Capoeira Angola may benefit a person’s lifestyle? It has the a journey of learning, almost similar to those of Pilates and Yoga. Shaping your body up, to achieve a positive strong mind and a healthy soul is part of the goal where everyone with the same...

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Mestre Indio’s 2nd visit to Malaysia & Bali

Mestre Indio is back to give us a little bit of an excitement thru Capoeira Angola. Come and join us for a month full of workshop travels, fitness, music, laughter and joy, movements, histories, cultures and philosophies with Mestre Indio. Guaranteed enjoyable and entertaining, with loads of sweats and joy....

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We are now having Capoeira Angola classes in KL!

Currently holding up introduction classes in Heriot-Watt Putrajaya Malaysia weekly and is having private one-to-one Capoeira Angola classes or weekend group classes near KLCC or KL Area (Avenue K). Kindly contact Azik @ 016-6877785 for more info. Come and try Capoeira Angola today! A photo posted by cafobocapoeira MYY (@cafobo)...

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Benefits & Returns of Capoeira Angola in our local community.

Capoeira Angola is now enlisted by UNESCO as an intangible heritage in 2014.  (Kindly refer to video in link below:) Mestre (or Master) Indio had just return from Jordan, Syria and Palestine to share Capoeira Angola to kids and adults refugee camps. (Kindly refer to video in links below:)...

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CAFOBO Capoeira for Curtin’s Earth Day!

As quoted in Curtin University’s ariticle: “After their tiring morning in the sun, the volunteers were treated to a delicious lunch at the Piasau Boat Club, including tuna sandwiches sponsored by Ayam Brand. Entertainment was provided by Cafobo – Capeoria Foundation Borneo as well as various student dance groups. They...